Set Making

Combination of different materials. Primarily working with wood, wire, and fabric. Main entrance made by plywood and cut on a scroll saw. Small props like milk cans, and bench were 3D modeled on Rhino and printed. 

2020 Spring Show Winner - Stop Motion Fabrication

In order for easy transportation set can be broken down into three pieces; roof, main body, front entrance. Wood framework with an illustration board wall, layered with model clapboard siding. Individually cut chipboard for shingles. 

 Cantina "El Banco" (the Bank) work in progress. Bar is made out of an illustration board with support. Door frames are foam board with the top paper layer removed and broken to resemble stone. Original design and concept work of camera angle ideas/doors

2020 Spring Show Winner - Stop Motion Fabrication

Personal project modeled after Nintendo's game Animal Crossing New Horizon homes. Wood frame with illustration board walls with mixed media details.