Prop Making

Gift modeled after Nintendo's game Pokemon. Illustration board with wooden frame. The sign is made from polystyrene plastic, heat-formed into shape and painted adhesive back pearls. 

Variety of house plants. Plants were made from cinefoil for easier time posing. Paint was then applied on top and glued into painted foam inside pots. Pots were purchased in store.

Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Foam with paper accents on a clay base. The base is textured with a wire brush and dry brushed white to bring up details. The fence is soldered coper wired primed and painted. 

Hocus Pocus inspired. Materials used: foam, wood, paper, clay and poster board

Inspired by Casper. Stain glass is clear plastic from packaging, cut vinyl to design, colored in with sharpie to give stain glass look. 

Monster Inc inspired doors made of scrap wood in various sizes.

Electric guitar and bass guitar for a garage band set. Guitar bodies were sculpted in Sculpey clay and baked. Section was left cut out for the neck cut from a popsicle stick. Details painted with enamel paint to achieve chrome look 

Polymer clay rolled and baked into shape. A mix of yellow, white and browns were dry brushed on to create a baked and floured look. Crate made from balsa wood. 

Polymer Clay in various oranges. Orange clay mixed with different amounts of yellow and white for variation. Cutting board made from balsa wood. Paint stained and scratched with sandpaper for a used look.

Polymer clay carrots with preserved moss stems. Clay rolled out and scored with blade. Crate is weathered down scrap balsa wood.